A great horned owl managed to avoid becoming roadkill in a swift maneuver that then got it stuck on a 140-mile overnight road trip.

The owl was under veterinary care and expected to make a full recovery, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Newly Found Owl Sings One Note

Sonji Coney-Williams was driving her Ford SUV along Florida’s Turnpike Thursday, Feb. 7, when she saw the bird in the dark in the middle of the road near Yeehaw Junction.  “It didn’t move. It just stood there and I couldn’t stop,” she told the Sun Sentinel.

That night she checked into a hotel and the next morning as she was driving off a couple pointed to the grille on her SUV.  “I lost it,” she said. “I told them I didn’t want to see it. I knew exactly what happened.”

But the bird was alive and Coney-Williams called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. “FWC Officer Lex Corteguera removed the SUV’s grille and transported the feathered patient to the non-profit center. The center’s director, Sherry Schlueter, said the owl arrived dehydrated but responsive,” the Sun Sentinel reported.

The center plans to drive the owl back to Yeehaw Junction today. This time however, “it’s going in a nice, padded carrier,” Schlueter said. They will then release the bird back into the wild.

IMAGE: A Florida wildlife officer took this picture of a great horned owl stuck in the grille of an SUV. (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)