We’ve all heard about the many downsides of being overweight — diabetes, heart trouble, joint pain…But there may be one situation where having some extra heft can actually be a good thing.

A medical study that surveyed injured pedestrians and cyclists in New York City found that overweight victims suffered less severe injuries than those who were trim.

“It is not implausible that a greater proportion of torso and extremity fat may protect against injury,” said the report, which was conducted by a team of trauma surgeons, emergency physicians and researchers from New York University’s Langone Medical Center.

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Dr. Spiros G. Frangos, the study’s senior author, told the New York Times, that it’s possible “that extra layer offers some protection at the time of the injury.”

But, before celebrating those extra pounds too much, keep in mind the study’s other finding: once in the hospital, overweight traffic victims fared worse.– via the New York Times

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