Guy Runco/Design Pics/Corbis

A small black bear cub, like this one from Alaska, ended up as an overnight guest of an Oregon police station after concerned citizens found it whimpering alone in the woods.Guy Runco/Design Pics/Corbis

A Myrtle Creek, Ore. police station held overnight what was undoubtedly its cutest guest ever: an orphaned black bear cub.

The bear was delivered to the station after a teenage boy found the cub crying in shrubbery near his family's home.

The boy made the extremely risky choice of picking up the small bear. Had the cub's mother been nearby, the teenager could have faced a very protective, 300-pound mama black bear in attack mode.

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The boy and his parents gathered the cub in a storage bin and brought it to the Myrtle Creek police station, where it spent an uneventful, "well behaved," night, according to authorities.

Wildlife experts could not locate the cub's mother, after searching high and low and even employing a special device that can manufacture cub-in-distress sounds. Officials determined the cub was female and in good health.

The cub is presently residing at the University of Oregon and will, in time, be sent to a zoo whose location is yet to be determined.