Photo: CalNaturale Wines

Water is essential on the trail. But sometimes your hiking or camping plans call for more than just a hydration pack filled with H2O. Especially if there’s a certain someone who’ll be sharing your tent… That’s where CalNaturale wines come in.

They are the first and only wines to be made from certified organically-grown grapes and come packaged in convenient, eco-friendly Tetra Paks. Perfect for tossing in a backpack, they’re much lighter than glass, making them easier to haul on the trail, and much more convenient to carry back off the trail when they’re empty.

Available in 1 liter ($12.99) and 500ml ($6.99) at natural food stores and select supermarkets nationwide, they don’t require you to pack a corkscrew — and should you not finish your Chardonnay with that fresh-caught pike you just grilled, the packs are re-closable. Nothing goes to waste.

Just in case you were thinking inexpensive wine in a “box” is going to taste like it’s been strained through a cab driver’s sock, CalNaturale’s wines are not only highly drinkable, they are award-winning — grabbing over 45 medals in national wine competitions. The Cabernet Sauvignon was recently named “Best of Class Cabernet Sauvignon” at the 2012 Consumer Wine Awards at Lodi, scoring 95 points out of 100—the most points awarded to any entrant.

“What really makes this all-natural wine exceptional is that the quality and taste are equally as appealing as the fact that the tetra pak carton it comes in has half the carbon footprint of wines in glass bottles,” says Heather Pyle, winemaker for CalNaturale.

Premium, wine that’s also eco-friendly? I’ll drink to that.