Image: OnStar

The threat of zombies spoiling your Halloween plans this year? Have no fear as OnStar is ready to step in with its new “Monster Dodger” service to help steer you around those ghoulish hotspots.

Specially trained OnStar Advisors can help save you from that herd of undead doing their best “Thriller” in the road ahead while also ready to provide turn-by-turn directions to find a last-minute costume or candy supplies.

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“Halloween is a fun holiday, and our new Monster Dodger service reflects that,” said Terry Inch, director, OnStar Subscriber Services. “This year, in addition to OnStar providing help to subscribers who need directions to the closest costume shop or convenience store to pick up candy, we are offering families an entertaining button push opportunity.”

On October 31, subscribers looking for a Halloween treat can push their blue OnStar button and ask for the location of the closest “monster” so they can dodge a potential encounter. Advisors will provide the radius of the closest “monster.”

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Image: Flickr Creative Commons License

OnStar joins other organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the Halloween fun. On its website, the CDC recommends a creative Zombie Preparedness Kit to help in the event of a zombie attack.

“Although a zombie attack maybe farfetched, our Advisors are available 24/7 to help drivers with any emergency or service request they may have,” Inch adds. “We’ll continue to see customers through emergencies and less-serious situations – whether outpacing a zombie herd, or directions to a Halloween Monster Mash.”