Obama's Great (x11) Grandfather One of Virgina's First Slaves:

The website Ancestry.com is one of the major online resources for genealogy research. While researching President Obama's lineage, Ancestry's in-house team made a discovery: our president is related to the very first African slaves. In an interesting twist, however, the relation comes through his Caucasian mother's lineage.

"The greatest obstacle was the volume of records that had been lost or destroyed over the last three hundred plus years. The researchers had to use clues to cobble together some of the facts… Through these deductions genealogists were able to trace the president's lineage to a Caucasian family in revolutionary Virginia named Bunch," reported CNN. As names in this time were not standardized in spelling the Bunch family was likely related to John Punch one of 150 Africans living in pre-revolutionary Virginia. via CNN