Sanitary qualms aside, New York City will soon be getting touchscreen subway maps around the city.

New York’s MTA hired Control Group, an NYC-based design firm, to install 90 interactive maps throughout the city’s more popular stops, such as high-traffic Grand Central Station and the self-anointed hippest stop in the world, Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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Each stainless steel kiosk will frame a 47-inch touch screen featuring an interactive map that will allow users to tap their destination and have a route drawn up, including any transfers they may need to make. The screens will also feature information on schedule changes, arrival times, delays and outages, along with advertisements, tourist guides and news updates.

In addition, the kiosks will be equipped with video cameras and microphones for two-way communication, along with Wi-Fi, which is currently unavailable underground.

An estimated two million commuters and tourists use the NYC metro every day, a number that excites Control Group Partner Collin O-Donnell.

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“Sixty million people a month would be a really sizable website,” he told Fast Company. “If we can capture a portion of that and get them interacting, we have a real chance to do some amazing things at the urban scale.”

The kiosks are expected to be rolled out later this year. In the mean time, better stock up on some hand sanitizer.

via Fast Company

Credit: Control Group