I’ve Got a Big (Fake) Missile: Some guys like to overcompensate for their lack of confidence by purchasing a BIG car. But if you’re the dictator of North Korea, you may feel compelled to build mock-up intercontinental ballistic missiles to compensate for your lack of intercontinental ballistic missiles. During the recent lavish parades held by the secretive state to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the country’s founder, Kim Il Sung, big rockets were rolled out to show the world North Korea’s military might. Alas, according to experts, the weapons were nothing more than hastily assembled fakes. (3:15 p.m.) via Time

Fish Get Anemia Too: A salmon farm in Nova Scotia has been forced to destroy its salmon because of a case of infectious salmon anemia, reports CBC News Nova Scotia. The disease is very deadly for farmed salmon and has been found in wild Pacific Northwest salmon, the New York Times reported in 2011. There is no treatment for it and no effective way to prevent the further spread to wild salmon, which would affect animals higher up the food chain like bears and killer whales. The Nova Scotia case is just the latest to highlight the crisis. Nova Scotia groups have called for the end of fish farms, but the provincial government is resisting. (12:40 p.m.) via CBC News Nova Scotia and Underwater Times

Humans, Dogs Get Runner’s High; Ferrets Don’t: A long run can flood the bloodstream with endocannabinoids — chemicals that, like cannabis in marijuana, lift the mood. Scientists suspect that humans developed this reaction to running as the body’s way of encouraging the activity. Running helped ancient humans chase their food and run from predators. It turns out dogs get the same buzz, but the humble ferret, which requires minimal running to stay alive, gets no high from walking or running. Researchers made this determination after having all three animals run on treadmills and then measuring their levels of endocannabinoids. The ferret finding suggests that evolutionary survival may indeed be a factor in explaining why humans get runner’s high (and ferrets don’t). The remaining question is why so many people now don’t run. It may be that modern humans have learned to ignore this part of their evolutionary drive (see this story: “We Are Living Longer and Eating More”). (9:04 a.m.) via New York Times

Social Networking “Dating” Site for Dogs: You’ve heard of Match.com, the website designed to help people find the love of their lives. Now there’s MatchPuppy, helping canines find their other best friends. MatchPuppy launched in New York City and is designed to connect pet owners with others in the same neighborhood so that their pets can meet up. Not only does it help the dogs socialize, but it could be a good resource for finding dogsitters. The site is serving dog owners in the five boroughs, but hopes to move out to other cities, including Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey and Boston. (8:24 a.m.) via Mashable

Winds Sweep Planes in Spain: Touch-and-goes when a pilot touches down on the tarmac only to pull-up again and take-off is part of a pilot’s extensive training and yesterday’s high winds across Bilbao’s Loiu airport in Spain put several pilots through their paces. (6:37 a.m.) via BBC