Recent studies indicate that people prefer video content over text when surfing the Web. Then why is the bulk of Internet content packaged as text? (You’re reading some now, BTW.)

This is the question posed by Guide, a Miami-based startup aiming to redefine the way we consume Internet content. The company has has created a new app that essentially compartmentalizes Web content, such as news, blogs and Twitter and Facebook feeds and translates all that into an experience very similar to watching TV.

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Users select what content they want to consume and said content is read back in a video format by an online “news anchor” avatar that could be anything from an anime character to a puppy to a more cut-and-dry anchor.

“People prefer video content to text content at a rate of 2-to-1,” the company states. “We have built the Guide App to help bridge this divide by helping people discover or create the content they love in the format they want.”

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Guide says their app allows users to stay up on everything from the latest news to long form articles while they eat, work, exercise, cook or go through their daily routine. The app is available for a broad range of devices, such as the iPad, Android Tablets, Google TV and computers with any modern browser.

Guide was selected as a 2013 SXSW Accelerator Finalist and will showcase their app at the music, film and interactive tech conference next week in Austin, Texas.

Credit: Guide