The Giants and the Patriots may be battling it out to decide who is the best in the NFL this season, but New York City and Boston have been going head to head in the battle over Best City ever since a certain Declaration was signed.

Yankees vs Red Socks, Knicks vs Celtics, Rangers vs Bruins… that can all be settled on the field/court/ice. So we decided to pit these Northeast powerhouses against each other in everything else, and decide once and for all, which one is the best city.

Clam Chowder

Manhattan vs New England

Let’s get this out of the way right at the beginning. This argument has raged for decades: Which is better? New England Clam Chowder or Manhattan Clam Chowder? Here’s the only way to settle this: When you’re looking for something hearty on a chilly night, which would you choose? And what do you picture when someone says the word “chowda”? Thick and creamy or tomato-y and spicy? Exactly.

Winner: Boston


Noo Yawk vs Baahstin

Would you rather grab a cuppa kawfee or hawt dawg in Noo Yawk, or pahk the cah down at Hahvahd Yahd…

Winner: Noo Yawk. Fuggedaboudit.

Signature Food

Hot Dogs and Pizza vs Baked Beans and Fried Clam Rolls

When restaurants in nearly every city in North America brag about “Authentic New York Style Pizza” and “Real Coney Island Hot Dogs” you gotta give the edge to the Big Apple. When I start seeing signs bragging about beans, I’ll reconsider.

Winner: NY


NYC Marathon vs Boston Marathon

Both are considered one of only five World Marathon Majors, but Boston lays claim to the world’s oldest annual marathon. Gotta give props for longevity.

Winner: Boston

City Song

“New York, New York” vs “Yankee Doodle”

Frank vs some guy with a feather in his cap? Please.

Winner: NY

Mass Transit

NYC Subway System vs. MBTA

Quick: Say the word “subway” to anyone, anywhere in the world, and which one will most people picture? Hint: It doesn’t have a stop at Fenway…

Winner: NY

City Craft Beer

Brooklyn Brewery vs Boston Beer Company

Both were founded in the 1980′s. Both have a rabid local following. But growing from kitchen-brewed craft beer to the second largest US beermaker, Jim Koch’s Boston Beer Company has to win the battle of these brews.

Winner: Boston


Manhattan vs Cape Cod

One is an enduring classic cocktail enjoying a retro resurgence, and the other is most often ordered as a “vodka cranberry” by giggly sorority girls who don’t even know they are drinking a Cape Cod.

Winner: NY

Scorsese Mob Movie

Goodfellas vs The Departed

Both are outstanding films, but while The Departed won Scorsese his first Academy Award for best director, and was one of his highest-grossing films at the box office, Goodfellas is #92 on the American Film Institute’s 100 Years… 100 Movies list and is #2 on their Top 10 Gangster Films. Thumbs-up guy Roger Ebert also called it “the best mob movie ever.” And I still cringe every time I watch Joe Pesci’s “How am I funny?” speech.

Winner: NY


New York Cheesecake vs Boston Cream Pie

One is earnestly perfected by pastry chefs around the world, and the other is used by clowns to smash in each other’s faces. But both are delicious.

Winner: PUSH

American History

New Amsterdam vs Boston

The Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere, the Boston Massacre, the battles of Lexington and  Concord and Bunker Hill… the list goes on and on and on.

Winner: Boston

So, who comes out as the winner in the Super Cities battle of New York City vs Boston? NYC takes it 6-4 with one tie. Argument over.


NY skyline by Trodel on Flickr

Boston skyline  by Paul Keleher on Flickr

New England clam chowder by porcupiny on Flickr

Manhattan clam chowder by stu_spivack on Flickr

Coffee by dyobmit on Flickr

Parked cars by The Tire Zoo on Flickr

Hot dog by TheCulinaryGeek on Flickr

Clam roll by mroach on Flickr

NYC marathon by Saucy Salad on Flickr

Boston marathon

Subway by chad davis on Flickr

MBTA by joo0ey on Flickr

Manhattan cocktail by flickr4jazz on Flickr

Cape cod cocktail by TheCulinaryGeek on Flickr

Cheesecake by sabotrax on Flickr

Boston cream pie by tgkohn on Flickr

Paul Revere by Rob Young on Flickr

Martin Scorsese by sbclick on Flickr