The hot sun, rattlesnakes, getting trapped by boulders for 127 hours… as if there wasn’t already enough to deal with when hiking out in the wilderness in Utah — but now there’s a crazy pervert terrorizing hiking trails. Well, “terrorizing” is a strong word because the culprit doesn’t really attack people; he just stands there exposing himself to people in broad daylight. For the fifth time this year to date, a 5-foot-11 “overweight and balding man” has popped up along trails to unsuspecting hikers in Mill Creek Canyon, a part of the Wasatch National Forest, near Salt Lake City.

“He just stands there naked,” Unified Police Department Spokesman Justin Hoyal explained to the Salt Lake Tribune.

The indecently exposed individual hasn’t harmed anyone yet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he might, and so the US Forest Service rangers and other authorities in the SLC area are urged to send any tips on finding him. If you ask me, they should it sooner than later if possible; I don’t think anyone would want to be stranded 127 hours with that guy.