There's a new piece of software out there that can identify a whole lot more about you than your name via Facebook. By analyzing a photo of you alone, it can accurately predict intimate details about your life. Anthony explains how it works and if you should fear- or embrace- this new tech.

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Big Data and Due Process: Toward a Framework to Redress Predictive Privacy Harms
"The rise of "big data" analytics in the private sector poses new challenges for privacy advocates. Unlike previous computational models that exploit personally identifiable information (PII) directly, such as behavioral targeting, big data has exploded the definition of PII to make many more sources of data personally identifiable."

Urban Tribes
"Image sharing via social networks has produced exciting opportunities for the computer vision community in areas including face, text, product and scene recognition."

From Bikers to Surfers: Visual Recognition of Urban Tribes
"In the past few years there has been a massive in?ux of images provided by social media;
Facebook alone receives around 300 million photos a day."

How Companies Learn Your Secrets
"Andrew Pole had just started working as a statistician for Target in 2002, when two colleagues from the marketing department stopped by his desk to ask an odd question: "If we wanted to figure out if a customer is pregnant, even if she didn't want us to know, can you do that? "

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Facebook Likes Reveal All

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