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Last September brought the New York premiere of the snowboarding movie, The Art of Flight, starring backcountry snowboarding hero Travis Rice with some of his buddies, including Mark Landvik, John Jackson, Scotty Lago, and Jeremy Jones. Their film was hailed as “the most epic snowboarding film of all time” — but now, at the the 17th annual TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival (WSSF) at Whistler, BC, comes the most epic parody of the most epic snowboarding film of all time, as reported by Backcountry’s The Goat.

The Science of Airborning, a short film produced by Darren Rayner — along with a cast and crew of about two dozen others, plus the sponsorship of Canadian clothing outfitter Voleurz — premiered this week as an entry in the Intersection film contest at the WSSF. If you’re familiar with the original movie, you’ll definitely laugh at the blatant parodies of Rice’s Red Bull-sponsored original film, including the use of a remote-controlled “Red Balls” helicopter in lieu of the energy sports drink’s iconic full-sized chopper:

Video via Voleurz on vimeo


“It’s one of the points in my life where I can honestly say, that this has definitely been done before,” says a voice, mocking Travis Rice. Other jabs at The Art of Flight include the scene where the cast plays with axes — but with different results.

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The film, which is mostly done in jest, is not without its own high-flying stunts to show off. Skiers and snowboarders take to the pipe (a real, full one), as well as ride off a vertical concrete wall, zip down backcountry chutes, and fly up in the air — all shown in intentionally dramatic (and satirical?) slow motion.

In the end, The Science of Airborning is tastefully done in good fun. I’m sure Travis Rice and his buddies would appreciate it, especially how the short film closes. “You know it’s not the destination or the journey. And it seems cliche to say, but it’s really just The Science of Airborning.”