After months of swirling speculation, questions and rumors surrounding what the interface of Google Glass would look like, for the most part, the scuttlebutt has been silenced. Compliments of a new product demonstration from Google, we finally have a glimpse of what’s to come.

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Most noticeable is that operating Glass’ interface will center around voice controls. Wearers will see a small see-through square menu in the upper-right-hand corner of their view. The voice-activated menu will include options for taking a photo, recording video, search, getting directions or creating a Google Hangout video chat.

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Based on the How It Feels video demo, is seems all menu functions are preceeded with the prompt “Ok, Glass.” For example, let’s say you’re wearing the glasses. Want to take a photo of your son while you’re spinning him around in the back yard? Say “Okay, Glass, take a picture.” Want to know how to say “half pound” in Chinese while you’re pricing bok choy at a market in Shanghai? Simply say the prompt and ask “Google half pound in Chinese” and wait for the translation, which also includes audio. Want to live stream yourself on a flying trapeze? Or search photos of tiger heads before carving your ice sculpture? You get the picture. It’ll all be superimposed in the upper-right-hand-corner and it’s all just a voice command away.

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New photos also show Glass being twisted, indicating the device is light, durable and flexible. Plus it looks like detachable shades will be an option. While there are parts of the video that may or may not suggest hand- or finger-tracking capabilities, it’s crystal clear the majority of menu options will be controlled via voice commands.

Google is giving non-developers the opportunity to buy Glass for $1,500. All you have to do is send in Google Plus or Twitter messages with the hashtag “ifihadglass” that describes how you’d use the device. So if these are the kind of glasses you want to shade your bright future with, click here to start your vision quest.


Credit: Google