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You know how many superheroes float and fly in the air, in an almost blatant, egotistical display of “Hey I can fly, and you humans can’t” sort of way? We’ve seen it time and time again movies, from the Green Lantern to the most popular fly boy himself, Superman. But humans can achieve this display of flight, especially with the help of cameras shooting in high speed for dramatic slow motion playbacks when jumping off the edge of a mountain.

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In InfinityList‘s new BASE jumping video, “Experience Zero Gravity,” adrenaline junkies jump off the edges of mountains in Norway, Switzerland, and France. When their freefalls are captured on GoPro cameras and edited with music, the end result is a beautiful, awe-inspiring extreme sports video which InfinityList dubs a “Cinematic Sports Experience.” Their intent of this video was to provide “the feeling and the emotion that we feel when we think about the experience of Base Jumping in the most scenic locations of the world” — and although I haven’t been BASE jumping, I say, Mission Accomplished.

“Experience Zero Gravity” is the follow-up to their previous viral video from earlier this year, “Experience Human Flight”, a skydiving video also shot in high speed. Unlike the previous video, the jumpers in “Experience Zero Gravity” appear more like superheroes since you get a sense of their scale when they are juxtaposed to rocky landmasses.

Video via Betty Wants In on Vimeo

The two existing videos are labeled “Chapter 1″ and “Chapter 2,” which only implies that InfinityList has a lot more inspirational extreme sports videos heading our way. Sure, we can fill the void of human flight videos with the plethora of superhero flicks out there in the meantime, but then again, there’s nothing like watching regular humans fly through the sky without CG smoke and mirrors.