Never Try On Clothes Again: Pairing customized avatars with technology similar to that used for airport security, the Me-Ality body scanner could make the process of trying on clothes obsolete. The technology comes from the North American company Unique Solutions and is located in 70 different malls. It resembles an airport body scanner. When the customer stands inside fully clothed, radio waves scan the body and computer software create a 3D avatar of the person. Information about the person's measurements is matched with size data provided by partner stores and the computer recommends clothing that will fit.

Slate writer Nell McShane Wulfhart reports that the "…program created an avatar that bore a remarkable resemblance to the man scanned. His digital doppelganger tried on different items of clothing and told him how they fit ('a little tight in the thighs'). He could even make the avatar walk up and down a virtual runway to see how the clothes looked in motion." via Slate