Whether you’ve had to use a coat hanger to get in your car, jimmy open a window with a pocket knife or, as a last resort, call a locksmith, nothing puts the kibosh a good day quite like locking yourself out of your car, apartment or house.

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However, KeyMe, a new service launched in New York, aims to open a new door on the old solution of having a spare key. The service works by storing digital copies of your keys in the cloud and making them available at around-the-clock, key-making kiosks.

For added security, user accounts at the kiosk are only accessible via a finger print scan. Additionally, if your account is activated, KeyMe will send you a confirmation email.

To store digital key copies is free of charge. Users are only charged when keys actually need to be printed, at $20 a pop. Duplicate keys can also be made for $3.50 for simple brass key. For $6, novelty keys with bottle openers and sports team logos are available. Unfortunately, Key Me kiosks can’t make car keys, only home and office keys.

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So far, kiosks are set up at two locations in Manhattan, which is a real bummer if you lock yourself out in St. Louis. But since three more location are on the way, perhaps KeyMe will spread outside of the the Big Apple.

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Credit: KeyMe