Photo via 01032010814 on YouTube

You may have heard the old wives’ tale that peeing on a jellyfish sting alleviates the pain. This in reality, is a falsity; urine may actually aggravate jellyfish venom, inducing more pain.

However, here’s a trick from King of Random’s YouTube channel (brought to our attention by The Goat) that really does put your pee to good use. If you’re ever stuck in the wilderness and you need to start a fire, you can use urine to create one. All you need is an empty water bottle (to pee in), some plastic wrap, some rocks, dry grass, and the sun.

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As you can see, this hack is suited for situations when you’ve run out of water, and it’s a pretty bright and sunny day. If not, better get some sticks and start making fire the old-fashioned way; it’s not as disgusting.