Interested in donning augmented reality tech, but don’t want to be labeled a “Glasshole?” Then perhaps a necklace, broach or belt clip that projects content onto the ground might be more your style.

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A team of researchers from the University of Ulm in Germany have developed Ambient Mobile Pervasive Display, a system that projects graphics ahead of users, either on the floor or their palm. Motion-tracking sensors would allow users to access, read and manipulate content with hand gestures and swipes. The team envisions useful applications for navigation, such as projecting arrows on the ground, and for location-aware advertisements. Picture walking by retail stores and sales ads popping up on the sidewalk.

As of now, the back-mounted prototype is a rather cumbersome, and is more Ghostbuster-proton-pack than inconspicuous wearable tech. However, the idea is to shrink the system into a small, wearable device that essentially projects users’ smartphone content onto the ground.

“The floor display provides serendipitous access to public and personal information,” the project’s website explains. “The display is combined with a projected display on the user’s hand, forming a continuous interaction space that is controlled by hand gestures.”

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Considering a system like this is even more intrusive and distracting than Google Glass, its developers might literally run into a few walls trying to get this to market. For years we’ve been subjected to loud talkers and their public phone conversations, so does a wearable projector mean we’ll soon be reading strangers’ emails, too? Still, “A” for effort.

via New Scientist

Credit: YouTube