Quick! Own your own stealth ship! The current bid on this beauty is just under $300,000, and the auction closes today. Bidders are asked for a $10,000 deposit, and at least 15 people are in the race to win this now-defunct behemoth of American naval history.

Only don't expect world domination anytime soon with this 118-foot-long, 499-ton vessel, which was the inspiration for the evil billionaire media mogul's stealth ship in the 1997 James Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies."

Henchmen operators will have a tough time making this scrap yard sale seaworthy.

Indeed, the General Services Administration, which is running the auction, makes no bones about the fact that scraps are all the winning bidder is going to receive. "The ex-Sea Shadow shall be disposed of by completely dismantling and scrapping within the U.S.A. Dismantling is defined as reducing the property such as it has no value except for its basic material content," warns the auction site.

Lockheed Martin built this Cold War brute in 1983 especially for the Navy to test radar-evading capabilities and other weapons systems, reported the Los Angeles Times.

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But if stealth ship scraps aren't enough, the government is also throwing in this rust bucket of a barge and floating dry-dock currently holding the ex-Sea Shadow. If ever the old saying applied, this would be a qualifier. I've never seen a better example of a hole in the water you throw money into.

All images courtesy of the U.S. Navy.