A look inside a drug cartel's narco sub (Graphic: Criminal Justice Degree)

Think we are winning the war on drugs? Think again. Hundreds of tons of cocaine and other narcotics are making their way to our shores every year.

How are they eluding our sophisticated, high tech detection systems and highly trained (and well armed), drug enforcement agents? The go-fast boats that outran law enforcement in the 80′s are as dated as Sonny Crockett’s pastels and white blazer. Today they are rolling deep. Deep underwater.

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Columbian drug cartels had to get creative in order to get their cocaine safely to the US, so they began utilizing semisubmersible vessels. Or, as they are more commonly known in drug lingo: Narco Subs.

The guys over at Criminal Justice Degree put this infographic together to give us a look inside narco subs, how much they can carry, who is on board, and some of the other tech the cartel uses to outsmart the law. Sorry Crockett.