Depending on your concept of public domain, those roving, camera-rigged Google "street view" vans are either a blatant slap in the face of privacy or they're a comical gift that keeps on giving us truly bizarre photos.

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Pitchfork wielding scuba divers, roadside prostitutes and naked men emerging from car trunks are just a sampling of the comedic, criminal and candid actions captured by Google cameras. In what is surely to continue being a long line of humiliating, risque and just plain goofy snapshots, comes the latest installment: a full-frontal photo of a Miami woman standing on her front porch with a jug of water.

Normally, Google is fairly quick to blur any naughty bits or identifying information like faces and license plates, but the Smoking Gun pointed out on Friday, September 9, that the photo had slipped through the hands of Google censors.

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However, the undoctored photo didn't stay up for too long. As expected, Google was quick to recover the fumble. By Saturday, September 10, the woman's image had been blurred behind a "pixelated shroud" (image above).

Still jonesin' for more tasteless street-view photos? Here's your ticket.

[Via Cnet]