SeV Button Down Shirt: $80

The early 90s called and left a message: Please return the fanny pack, and the phone holster. There's a much cooler way to carry around the gear that would otherwise help you look hip. And ironically, it's what looks like a normal cotton shirt. But this wrinkle-resistant, tech-enabled SeV Button Down Shirt is anything but "button-down."

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It's not only got several handy hidden pockets, but also literally pockets within pockets. For instance, inside the magnetically sealing external chest pocket, it's got separate compartments sized for a pen (so it doesn't dorkily stick out) and a smart phone. A little pocket hidden towards the bottom of the shirt in front makes a great money cache. And two stealth under-arm pockets are perfect hideaways for sunglasses, cameras, phones or music players. Best of all, they're connected to your Personal Area Network, meaning you're wired for sound and ready to jam wherever you and your classic-looking, gadget toting shirt may be.

Credit: SeV