Today is March 1st, so you know what that means. Today Google officially kicks off their new privacy policy that is anything but private. We gave you a heads up more than a month ago — heck, George Orwell tipped us all off more than 60 years ago –  so don't say we didn't warn you when your search results all of a sudden seem to be one step ahead of you.


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If you're less than thrilled about Big Brother watching you, how about a round of applause for Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs who just unveiled a new Firefox add-on that lets you watch Big Brother right back.

It's called Collusion, a visualization tool that helps you see all the various websites tracking your browsing trail while surfing the Web. Kovacs introduced the add-on during a presentation earlier this week at the Technology Entertainment and Design (TED) conference.

Collusion uses a matrix of gray-ringed dots — sites you have visited or are currently visiting — connected to red-ringed dots indicating sites that have used your browser tracking cookies to keep your site navigation under surveillance.

"Privacy is not an option," Kovacs said in his presentation, according to Gizmodo. "It shouldn't be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet."

Eventually, Kovacs wants to launch Collusion on a larger scale, to the point where it will let users share their tracking data optionally and anonymously with researchers who will then analysis it to better understand ways to circumvent those who are tracking us.

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"The memory of the internet is forever," Kovacs said. "We are being watched. It's now time for us to watch the watchers."


Also don't forget Rockwell and his Jheri curl warned you this day was coming almost 30 years ago with his hit song "Somebody's Watching Me." Guess what year it was released? Yep, 1984. Coincidence? I think not.



Credit: Mozilla