Photo: ZipFlyer

With the world’s highest peak and, now, the world’s most extreme zip-line, Nepal has secured its status as the world’s largest theme park.

High Ground Adventures, the company that opened the new “ZipFlyer” in May near Pokhara, the most touristed city in Nepal—claims “Safety First” as its motto, explaining in detail on its website how there are numerous features in place to ensure an enjoyable, splat-free ride. Among the features: A cable trolley that operates safely at a 53 percent grade and speeds up to 100 mph, with a “triple-redundancy safety system” that securely locks the trolley onto the cable at three locations; a friction brake that remains in constant operation at all times; and a harness with restraining straps at legs, waist, and chest.

With more than 550,000 YouTube views of ZipFlyer within the first month,  expedition leaders may want to consider installing one from the summit of Everest.