By Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily

While he isn't currently available for promotional work, President Barack Obama would

have the most success on social media endorsing businesses' goods and services, new research shows.

A study by social marketing platform SocialToaster

revealed that Obama is considered the most influential celebrity on

social media. Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher and Anderson

Cooper followed the president on the rankings of social influencers.

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On the flip side, the research found that former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was the least influential celebrity on social media, finishing just below Madonna, Kanye West and Sean Hannity.


celebrities might be influential on social media in some aspects, it's

those closest to us who make the largest impact when it comes to the

important issues. Nearly all of the social media

users surveyed agreed that a social media post from a close friend or

family member was most likely to influence them on important subjects,

with politicians and athletes the least likely to influence them.



it was no surprise that in this election year Barack Obama would be

ranked the most influential person in social media, it was surprising to

us that Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga would beat Madonna and Kanye West,"

said Brian Razzaque, CEO of SocialToaster.

"We were also surprised to

see that friends had more pull than family when it came to influencing

the sharing of social media content."

Regardless of whom it comes

from, there are some posts that will quickly result in an unfollowing,

the study discovered. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed said a

racist post would cause them to immediately unfollow someone on social

media. Other types of posts that result in a loss of followers include

sexism, pornography, repetitive, overly personal posts and those that

use poor grammar.

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The researcher was based on surveys of 3,000

SocialToaster Super Fans, which consist of social media experts and

professionals, many of whom work with some of the nation’s leading

brands. The experts range from those who work in the entertainment

industry who represent numerous television shows and movies to those who

work in professional sports, including the Baltimore Ravens and the

Detroit Pistons.

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