If you ever plan on breaking bad, one of the key things you’ll have to know is how to take your ill-gotten gain and launder it into “clean,” usable money.

And there’s apparently a lot of demand for this skill. According to the International Monetary Fund, about $1.5 trillion dollars is laundered every year, amounting to about 5% of the world’s entire GDP. That’s a lot of dough getting washed.

So just in case you (hypothetically) get let go from your 9-to-5, or the economy (hypothetically) drives you to a life of crime, OnlineMBA.com has put together this (hypothetical) how-to guide to the basics of money laundering. (Anyone else concerned that MBA students are learning how to launder money??)

It takes the complexities of shifting, transferring and transforming funds and boils it down into three easy-to-understand steps. With these (hypothetical) skills, your next employer might be a guy named Big Tony.


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