Mosquito Buster: Free

Mosquitoes are a summertime nuisance in many parts of the world, and often the deterrents available to hold them at bay are almost as unpleasant as the insects are. A new smart phone app from Japanese software maker Sea's Garden, however, now offers an alternative to all those malodorous candles, lotions, oils and sprays.

NEWS: Mosquitoes Fooled by Smelly Molecules

Instead of repellent fragrances, the Mosquito Buster app uses sound to keep mosquitoes away. Specifically, it causes the user's smart phone to emit a high-frequency noise that's inaudible to humans but that the pesky insects reportedly can't stand. Two additional settings on the app use different frequencies to repel mice and — believe it or not — children as well. Mosquito Buster is coming soon to Apple's App Store, Sea's Garden says.

[Via Japan Trends]

Credit: Sea's Garden