Prostethic limbs are advancing in leaps and bounds. Innovations in computers, brain-machine interfaces and robotics are leading to bionic legs that help paralyzed people walk and thought-controlled limbs, like the one this Italian man had.

But it's not just humans who are benefiting. This cat received artificial legs when it was maimed and now a horse has a prosthetic leg. In this AP video new story, we're told of Midnite, a miniature horse that was born missing his hoof and part of a bone. His owners didn't give him medical attention and eventually authorities seized the horse and brought him to Ranch Hand Rescue, located near Fort Worth, Tex. The handlers decided that, hey, if humans could have prosthetic limbs, why not horses. And this one seems to be doing excellent.

It reminds me of a story I heard a while back of another horse, called Molly, that was a victim of the Katrina hurricane in Louisiana. She was abandoned by her owners after the storm struck and wandered around on her own for several weeks before being rescued. Once rescued, she was attacked by a dog and nearly died. Her gnawed right leg became infected and with all of the other disaster-related issues going on at the time, she almost didn't get the medical attention she needed. But then a kind vet decided to help her by getting her an artificial leg. Molly now works with her owner visiting people at shelters and nursing home to inspire and uplift them. A children's book was written in her honor called Molly the Pony.

Perhaps Molly and Midnite should meet one day. I'm sure they'd make great pals.