BERO: $79 and up

Created by the developers of DeskPets Tankbot and WowWee Robopanda, BERO (short for "Be the Robot") is a four-inch multi-motor animated mobile robot. Although BERO has an amplifier and speaker, it's more than just a musical/dancing companion. With analog precision, an open source app running on your Android or iOS device allows you to program and control its movements via Bluetooth.

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Depending on your support level for this Kickstarter campaign, BERO comes with different functionality. The $35 level gets you a non-functioning robot, essentially a cool looking desk treasure. The $79 version is rechargeable, Bluetooth-controlled, plays music via an SD card slot, has 2 LED eyes and moves around on its caterpillar tracks. Higher versions add arm, head and waist movements; additional eye and headphone LEDs; colorful and shiny exteriors; and an infrared optical navigation system that helps it avoid bumping into stuff.

The ultimate level ($7,850) earns you airfare to Hong Kong, three nights accommodations and a factory tour to get a peek at BERO's special sauce. Just one of those in the next 10 days (or 63 Bluetooth versions) will help little BERO reach its goal.

Credit: Reality Robotics