Natural disasters lay down deadly obstacle courses that can take rescue trucks out of commission. Extreme conditions call for extreme rescue vehicles, and British designer Phil Pauley wants us covered.

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Pauley recently presented a conceptual line of what he’s calling “extreme weather rescue vehicles.” According to the designer’s description, each heavy-treaded vehicle in the fleet could easily navigate around obstacles through deep floodwater — unlike conventional rescue vehicles. They’d be powered by electricity and equipped with solar arrays to generate their own power. Hat tip Inhabitat.

The conceptual vehicles are primarily intended to rescue stranded and injured natural disaster victims, offering them safe shelter as well as access to communications. The brightly colored vehicles would also serve as back-up generators to power phones, cameras and power tools. All that’s missing are superheroes donning red and yellow to drive them.

I’m familiar with Pauley’s previous designs, including his floating cells to capture sun and wave power. In comparison, his rescue vehicles seem like they could be prototyped fairly quickly.

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The UK, where Pauley is based, has had devastating flooding. Closer to home, we had historic flooding in Colorado last year. More than 700 people had to be rescued by road in Boulder County. I don’t know whether we’ll see Pauley’s vehicles become a reality, but the need for them isn’t subsiding.

Credit: Phil Pauley