McAfee Wanted for Murder:

The 67-year-old John McAfee, who made millions when he sold his anti-virus software company in the early 1990s and retired to Belize in 2008, is wanted for the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull.

Florida native Faull, 52, was found face up in a pool of blood at his home by his housekeeper Sunday morning.

At the crime scene, investigators found a single Luger brand 9mm expended shell, "consistent with the wound in the back of Faull's neck," said National Security Ministry spokesman Rafael Martinez.

Police raided McAfee's mansion on Ambergris Caye, an island off the northeastern coast of Belize, late Sunday to question him about the Faull's murder. But McAfee hid, burying himself in the sand with a cardboard box over his head so he could breathe, he told Wired on Monday.

"Under no circumstances am I going to willingly talk to the police in this country," he told Wired. "You can say I'm paranoid about it but they will kill me, there is no question. They've been trying to get me for months. They want to silence me. I am not well liked by the prime minister. I am just a thorn in everybody's side."