Logitech Cube: $69.99

From the world's smallest touch screen music player to the buttonless Q2 Wi-Fi radio to Sifteo's electronic gaming tiles, it seems like everywhere we looked in and around this year's CES, we found innovative little products in a cubic form factor. One of the coolest was the Logitech Cube, a tiny travel mouse and presentation pointer combination device.

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It's teensy, so naturally it's super-light and ultra-portable. It uses a proprietary 2.4GHz dongle that allows up to six Logitech devices to connect wirelessly. And it goes from smooth-scrolling mouse to slick presenter just by raising it into the air. (Click the top surface to advance to the next slide, flip it over and click to reverse to the previous slide.)

Once you wrap your brain (and fingers) around its tiny stature, the only other thing to get used to is the clicking. As you'd expect, a left-click is in the upper left corner of the top surface. But instead of right-clicking being in the upper-right corner, it's in the middle. For most normal mouse use, occasionally reaching the right-clicking finger back a little didn't seem like it'd be a big deal. And it certainly doesn't outweigh (so to speak) the benefit of having such a small, light mouse always on hand for navigating and presentating.

Credit: Logitech