Be careful with this one. You can easily waste a lot of time gazing at the winds as they flow by in near real time over the lower 48 at this elegant and beautiful website. Entitled simply Wind Map, this site incorporates wind data from the National Digital Forecast Database, updating about once per hour. You can zoom in to get greater wind speed detail and place your arrow on different streams of air to see the speed. It’s pretty mesmerizing.

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The map is the work of Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg who come up with new ways to visualize data that help people think about the data. About this map they write:

“As an artwork that reflects the real-world, its emotional meaning changes from day to day. On calm days it can be a soothing meditation on the environment; during hurricanes it can become ominous and frightening.”

More information about the wind map can be found at