This was inevitable. European men are embracing pantyhose, tights, stockings; whatever you want to call them, they're next on the manly garment menu, according to The Week.

Yes, it's true that men have been wearing tights for a very long time. Shakespeare's hommes donned thick stockings beneath their high-flying bouffant shorts. Gentlemen cyclists, runners and other kinds of outdoor athletes rely on tights to keep them warm in winter. But to my knowledge, men have yet to fully comprehend the fashion possibilities of pantyhose until this fashion cycle, helped along by Italian designer Emilio Cavallini.

The last fancy stocking cycle I recall was in the early 90s and I fully embraced it, with its wild paislies, stripes, dancing penguins (really cute!) and different textures, all mashed together in psychedelic glory.

This time around, Euro-dudes are wearing them under pants (the shy ones) and under shorts (the, er, NOT-shy ones). The tights are unisex, but Cavallini claims that they fit ladies and men equally as well in the crotchal area. Patterns are more masuline, though, with skulls, jacquard, stripes and more available.

Ah well, pretty soon men in tights won't look so shocking. Those barefoot running shoes are starting to look kind of normal, though, truth be told, still look a bit strange to me, especially when people like doctors wear them to work (true story).

The advent of guys in tights has spawned some pretty great nicknames. My favorites so far are: guylons, he-tards and broisery, but what about bro-ckings or homiehose? Make up a name yourself and chime in below in the comments.