Photo via YouTube.

These days, the slingshot — a boy’s old school toy of destruction — is closely related to the game Angry Birds, but one man in Germany has taken the simple weapon of elasticity and force, and elevated it to the killing machine it once was — and just in time for the zombie apocalypse.


Jörg Sprave of Burgkunstadt, has sort of been obsessed with slingshots over the years; so much that he created his hobby site, The Slingshot Channel, which showcases his designs and experiments with rubber-powered weaponry. And just in time for Halloween, he’s devised the Rooftop Zombie Slingshot, which is scientifically proven through a series of tests, that it is powerful enough to destroy the skulls of the walking dead:

It’s great that his old school weapon can be used in case all else fails on the Night of the Living Dead; just make sure you have a sturdy enough roof and enough steel balls to make it through. As for killing zombies at ground level, you’re on your own.

[via Gizmodo]