Photographer and adventurer Chris Christie

The Squamish Mountain Festival of Canada calls itself “a five-day celebration of all things rock,” and that phrase describes this slide show below perfectly.

Put together by photographer Chris Christie, it won him first prize and $1,000 in the Steep Shot slideshow competition at this year’s festival, which wrapped up over the weekend.

Arcteryx Squamish Mountain Festival Slideshow from Chris Christie on Vimeo.

“Chris Christie was the crowd favorite and the judges agreed,” wrote Dave Jones on the Squamish Climbing blog. “They judged him first place. What stood out for me was the way he cleverly framed many of his shots using the landscape such as trees, rock formations and arches.”

More than just rocks, many of the images show climbers pulling off impressive moves in stunning settings. It’s pure eye candy for mountain-lovers. The music is pretty entrancing, too.