Valentine’s Day may be long gone here in the United States, but not in Japan. In fact, White Day — a similar lovey-dovey holiday celebrated in Asian countries where the girls traditionally give gifts to guys — is just around the corner.

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In honor of the March 14th holiday, FabCafe has some pretty sweet gift ideas — most notably, their service that’ll lets you create a tiny, edible doppelgangers in gummy form. For $65 (6,000 Yen) you can have FabCafe technicians perform a 3-D body scan of your significant other (or yourself) and turn him or her into a colorful gelatinous figurine.

This isn’t the first time FabCafe has gotten into the game of gift giving edible replicas. For Valentine’s Day, the cafe offered a workshop for women who wanted their faces scanned to create a mold for chocolates.

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Personally, I’m holding out for FabCafe to apply this tech to Gummy Vitamins because (ahem), you know, I’m an “adult” who expects my gummy binges to be nutritious — not a gluttonous guilty pleasure from the gas station that I may or may not frequent every time my sweet tooth starts aching.

via Gizmodo

Credit: FabCafe