“Look at that bagasse go” could become the ultimate compliment for a sleek car whizzing by, if this green-minded designer has his way.

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A Mercedes Benz LX concept made from plant parts was dreamt up by Irfendy Mohamad, a Malaysian student studying at the Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden. His sketches call for coupe panels made from aluminum composite and an exterior fashioned from bagasse, the fibrous material that remains from sugarcane once all the juice has been extracted.

“Bagasse, when treated properly, can constitute a rigid, biodegradable structure with practical durability and desirable texture,” Yanko Design’s Akhil Thampuran wrote in a post featuring the design.

As imaginative as it seems, Mohamad’s vision isn’t entirely unrealistic. Ford has been experimenting with natural materials for a while. And at one point the automaker even teamed up with Ecovative Design to explore a biodegradable fungus-based foam. The trick is developing biodegradable parts that perform safely and stay intact until you want them to break down.

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In addition to the unusual materials, I also love how the woman standing in front of Mohamad’s coupe looks like she stole Steff’s suit from the movie “Pretty In Pink.” Makes sense, since the concept basically takes our old ideas about luxury and gives them a green heart.

Images: Irfendy Mohamad’s concept for a Mercedes Benz LX made with biodegradable bagasse. Credit: Irfendy Mohamad via Yanko Design.