Lunch Disco Boogies in Sweden: Office workers in the Land of Abba know where they're going for lunch: the Lunch Disco! Slate reports that the burgeoning trend started with just 14 workers boogying in their office building's underground garage during lunch. They told their friends and they told their friends and now, up to 600 people can turn up at any given rave. For the price of a ticket, dancers also get a bag lunch and can dance the lunch hour away (but only from noon to one). No drinking or drugs allowed. Those crazy Swedes. But are they? The fad is catching on across Europe. (12:35 a.m.) via Slate

Toilet-Rider Sets World Record: A former Canadian motocross champion, Jolene Van Vugt, traded her bike wheels for a motorized toilet and managed to set a world record. Van Vugt, who was in Australia to perform in a stunt show, jumped on the contraption and, after a few early wobbles, managed to rev up to 75 kilometers per hour (46 mph). That’s seven kilometers per hour faster than the previous record. Hadn't heard of the fastest toilet record? Neither had we. Nonetheless, Van Vugt said she was "stoked to get the record."(9:45 a.m.) via AFP


Blind Chinese Activist Regrets Decision to Leave U.S. Embassy: Chen Guangcheng spoke to CNN from his hospital in Beijing saying he did not have enough information to make a proper decision when he voluntarily left the U.S. embassy. He is now seeking additional help from the U.S. for protection and asylum. (5:13 a.m.) via CNN


Deadly Bacteria: In what sounds like a storyline pulled straight from the opening scenes of the movie "Outbreak" or "Contagion," a San Francisco lab worker has been tragically killed after being infected with a deadly bacteria. The 25-year old man, who has not been named, was a researcher at San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center. In the weeks before his death, he was working on finding a vaccine for a bacterial strain that causes septicemia and meningitis. He died on Saturday shortly after asking friends to take him to the hospital. The San Francisco Department of Public Health is investigating who the researcher came into contact with and whether his coworkers are at risk. (12:05 a.m.) via Mercury News