A 17-year-old skier lost near the Sugarloaf Mountain summit in Maine made a shelter for two nights before being rescued Tuesday.

Nicholas Joy, 17, slid off a chairlift and quickly lost track of his father and the ski trail, as the wind and snow picked up. Visibility was poor and he had no cellphone.

Joy created a shelter of branches and ice, and melted water for drinking. He also kept his ears open for rescuers and heard snowmobiles passing by. On Tuesday, Joy decided to leave his shelter and follow snow shoe tracks. The tracks led him to Joseph Paul, another Massachusetts resident who had been searching for the teenager on his snowmobile.

“I’m OK, I’m just tired,” Joy said before being taken to a nearby hospital, where he was given a cheeseburger and french fries, his first food in two days. via Portland Press Herald

Image: iStockphoto