Lost 'N Found: Nuclear Fuel Rod: Missing a

nuclear fuel rod? Halliburton was — for

a month — before a company employee found it by the side of a road, reports The Guardian.

The rod,

containing americium-241/beryllium, a highly- radioactive substance, got lost by employees driving 130

miles between Pecos and Odessa, Texas, about a month ago.

The U.S. National Guard joined Halliburton in

looking for the rod, which probably wouldn't have killed anyone just picking it up, but could have done serious harm if

someone had taken it home as a souvenier.

Here's the kicker: "It is the first time the loss of a

radioactive rod has been recorded by the NRC in at least five years, a spokesman for the agency said."

Apparently, companies lose nuclear fuel rods on a semi-regular basis!