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Judging the Difference Between Attractiveness and Health: Does Exposure to Model Images Influence the Judgments Made by Men and Women?
"Recent research has shown facial adiposity (apparent weight in the face) to be a significant predictor of both attractiveness and health, thus making it an important determinant of mate selection."

Just 60 Seconds of Viewing Models May Change Women's Perceptions of Attractiveness
"Media images strongly impact our perceptions of attractiveness. When we see slender women and muscular men lifted on a pedestal and endlessly fawned over, we're cued to think those forms are ideal."

The Karen people: culture, faith and history
"The Karen people are an ethnic group living in South-East Asia with their own distinct languages and culture."

In Mauritania, Seeking to End an Overfed Ideal
"NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritania - At the Olympic Sports Stadium here, a collection of dun-colored buildings rising mirage-like from the vast Sahara, about a dozen women clad in tennis shoes and sandals circled the grandstands one evening in late June, puffing with each step."

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Is Anorexia In Your Genes?
TestTube Wild Card;_medium=DNews&utm;_campaign=DNWC
Why BMI is BS


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