Every year, at around this time, the Earth barrels through a cloud of interplanetary dust — the trail left behind by a comet named Swift-Tuttle. As these tiny specks of comet dust rain through our atmosphere, a meteor shower results. This particular mid-summer shower is called the Perseids.

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Right now you can get the best out of your Perseids experience by participating in #MeteorWatch — an international social media effort to create, what I like to see it as, a worldwide virtual observatory.

With the help of #MeteorWatch founder and social astronomy guru Adrian West, you can get in the mood for some serious meteor spotting. Watch the video above for a seriously awesome Hollywood-style rendition of our planet getting peppered with cometary dust.

Adrian has created these videos before, and each one epitomizes the excitement for this unique, and beautiful, cosmic experience.

For more information about how you can get involved in #MeteorWatch — plus information on how you can track your Perseid sightings on an interactive mapsee the official #MeteorWatch website.