It's pretty hard not to like a California roll. Cucumber, crab meat, avocado … what's not love? As far as sushi rolls go, it's traditionally a safe bet — especially if raw fish makes you a little squeamish.


If you've ever wanted to live inside your favorite food, lovers of the California roll, you may get your chance sooner than you think.

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Architect and designer Christopher Daniel has developed a concept for a prefabricated house — called the California Roll — that is capable of morphing and adapting to its environment. Though it shares a name with the popular sushi menu item, the California Roll actually resembles more of a rolled-up newspaper.

The structure is made from fiber-reinforced plastics and held together with carbon fiber trusses. The outer shell of the house is covered with a "homogeneous exterior material" that reflects the sun and "provides a high grade of energy efficiency," according to Daniel.

The minimal, snowy interior is equipped with hydraulically-powered automatic doors, a security system and skylights that can be controlled electronically to calibrate the levels of light they let through. Bookshelves or curtain dividers offer a modicum of privacy, but chances are, if you live in a house like this, your mind is as open as your floor plan.

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Daniel says he designed the house to maximize mobility, with on-site rapid assembly and disassembly. He envisions the California Roll as best suited for the desert, so the house can take advantage of all that sun. But let's be honest — the sparse, desolate landscape of the desert also gives his cool design the exhibition it deserves.

Currently, Daniel's California Roll design exists only in concept, but who knows, as the housing market continues to collapse, we might all blow out to the desert like tumbleweeds. By then, Daniel's modular California Roll house might be the only thing left on the menu to order.

[Via GizMag]

Image: Christopher Daniel