Some people wish they could live forever. Well, now you can — online, that is.

A new social network, called Eter9, imitates your online behaviors and continues to post updates long after you’ve passed away. Sound appealing? (We won’t judge.)

Eter9, created by Portuguese developer Henrique Jorge, is on a mission to provide digital immortality.

Seeking Immortality? So Have Others…

The main page is similar to Facebook’s newsfeed, but has a “cortex,” which serves as a user profile. Here, users meet their “counterpart,” or virtual self that “will stay in the system and interact with the world just like you would if you were present,” Eter9 says.

Users set the tone of their online activity while alive, and then artificial intelligence kicks in once they’ve checked out to mirror the types of topics they post about and the frequency at which they share them.

Perhaps most creepy of all, users can “smile” at other users’ updates, which is similar to Facebook’s “like” feature, even after they die.

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Surprisingly, the site already has a robust following, with 5,000 people signed up.

Sure enough, Eter9 is not alone in its endeavors. Other social networking sites are grappling with the issue of social media after death. Facebook, for example, which in the past froze accounts of deceased users, now allows people to appoint an “heir” to continue to manage their account after they pass away.

Another site, called Virtual Eternity, once allowed users to upload and preserve a “voice profile,” but the platform itself died after only two years.

I suppose that's the lesson here -- you're only as dead as your social network.