Photo: jpbsmama via YouTube

You can take a lion from the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of a lion. The latest evidence of this adage was seen at the Portland Zoo (Oregon), where Kya, one of the resident lionesses, tried to attack and maim a human baby boy — only to be inhibited by a transparent glass wall.

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As you can see in this video find from io9 and SuperPunch, Kya tries to strike the child with her claws, and bite his head right off with her mouth:

It seems obvious that Kya’s motives were to kill baby Jack — especially in his zebra-striped sweater — as it’s her instinct to kill vulnerable prey (like zebra) in the wild. Lionesses are the hunters of a lion pride after all, so that their lion males and lion cubs don’t go hungry — which shows the huge difference between Kya’s female motherly instincts and those of baby Jack’s mother. She simply films the potentially dramatic event — even giggling at times, confident the zoo’s glass barriers are shatterproof. (Thank goodness they are.)