Image via Vimeo screengrab.

Using the “like” button on Facebook is a great way to let your friends know you feel about something, but it doesn’t allow much room for enthusiasm. That’s where the LikeBelt comes in- with it strapped around your waist, you can convey just how much you like something with your hips. A good thrust will register as a blue thumb up online.

The design comes from DeepLocal, the crew that also brought us the bike that changes gears via mind control. (It’s up to you to decide which creation is more practical.) It uses Near Field Communication (NFC), an Android smartphone and an RFID chip planted in a physical space. It’s pretty straightforward: approach something you like and just out your hips at it.

The LikeBelt isn’t for sale, but, even better, it’s open source.  DeepLocal has posted the coding on GitHub and instructions on the LikeBelt site. So if you’re looking for a fun DIY project and are a bit bored with Facebook, this is a good way to go.