Storm chasers frequently get right up close to the action. But sometimes, the action gets right up close to them.

Item: Storm chaser Scott Sheppard was recently shooting video out of the window of his vehicle -- as he, you know, chased a storm -- and had a bolt of lightning shoot down his arm, through his vehicle and blast a hole in the ground.

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In this video clip you can see the gathering storm, some rain drops and then BOOM: Sheppard's camera jerks up and a plume of smoke appears.

The bolt disabled his car and one passing by. Both had to be towed away.

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About 24,000 people are killed by lightning every year worldwide, and about 240,000 are struck and live.

Survivors suffer nerve damage, memory loss, problems concentrating and personality changes, among other problems. Yet Sheppard's production company, Sever Studios, says he was left with no more than a sore arm.