Being that they look like severed heads mounted on a wall, I think I'd have a hard time displaying one of these in my home.

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But even if Bert Simon's uber-realistic sculptures are a little creepy, there's no denying his artistry. And the best part about them? They're made of paper. So maybe I would like to hang one of these on my wall. As long as I keep reminding myself: They're just paper. They're just paper.


Simon, a Dutch artist, used sophisticated face-tracking technology to map his models. Data was then fed through special computer software to create printed pieces of paper that could be cut, folded and glued into three dimensional sculptures.  

To complete one paper figure, it takes Simon about about three days.

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The question I keep asking myself is, if I were to have one of these on my wall, what person would I choose? It would have to be some wild-haired poet warrior with a protective and encouraging presence — someone I would want looking over my shoulder. However, because I wouldn't want the mounted head of a living person on my wall, the person I'd choose would have to be dead (assuming there's a way to make a 3D replication with old photos and sculptures.)

I got it. He'd be perfect: Walt Whitman. What person would you choose to make into a mountable, paper head? Let us know in the comments below.

via Inhabitat

Credit: Bert Simon